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Do you need help trying to shed that excess weight? Come to TRUE Health Medical where our trained staff can help develop a treatment plan for you to help you achieve your health goals in Gilbert, AZ! For more information, please call us or book an appointment online.

Medical Weight Loss Program Near Me in Gilbert, AZ
Medical Weight Loss Program Near Me in Gilbert, AZ

TRUE Health only comes when you have a balanced healthy diet. The problem is with so many different opinions on diet and eating healthy it’s hard to even know where to begin.

TRUE Health Medical has been helping people for over a decade get healthy through diet and nutrition. We have a proven plan that has worked for EVERYONE that has stuck with it (we’ll explain more on that in a minute). Our unique approach focuses not on limiting the amount of food you eat but rather helping you understand what foods to avoid and what foods are full of nutrition to jumpstart your body’s ability to get healthy.

Weight-loss is always on people’s mind, and with our program we expect a tremendous amount of weight to come off easy and quickly. This however, is not the most important reason to eat well. The most important reason is to allow your body to function properly which will only result in better health.

As we alluded above not everyone sticks with the program and I think it starts with missing key understanding of what we are trying to accomplish. Our goal is not to just lose weight but more importantly restore your body’s ability to heal itself. When we are overweight we are not healthy.

Trying to go on a crash course diet can help lose weight but usually doesn’t address the reasons we are not healthy.

Often times patients will tell us, “as soon as I go “off” my diet, I immediately put the weight back on”!

By allowing your body to get healthier and stronger at the same time you lose weight will be the key to keeping the weight off forever. Our program is not easy, but it is very simple. In other words, it’s not complicated but it does take some self discipline.

We have a full time nutritionist who will guide you every step of the way. We haven’t gone in to detail on what our diet looks like and that is done on purpose. Each of our patients that are on our nutrition program are first seen by one of our providers and an exam is performed to determine an appropriate plan specifically for you. After a consult and an exam we can sit down and present the proper steps to helping you experience TRUE Health.

We look forward to meeting you helping you experience TRUE Health.

Call and schedule a consult today!

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