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Common Questions Asked by Patients: When should I see a specialist for knee pain? Why does my knee hurt? What are the various treatment options for knee pain? What are the different causes of knee pain?
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Knee Pain Treatment Near Me in Gilbert, AZ
Knee Pain Treatment Near Me in Gilbert, AZ

Knee pain is not a normal part of aging! We often hear from other medical providers that arthritis in the knees is “just part of getting old”. This is simply not true and you do not have to live with knee pain.

There are many alternatives to surgery and major invasive procedures. TRUE Health Medical recognizes that there can be a point that knee surgery and even a total knee replacement are the only option left. BUT, far too often patients are uninformed of all the other options available!

Throughout the history of TRUE Health Medical we have treated more patients with knee problems than any other condition. We are familiar with knee pain and frankly we get amazing results. The reason is we understand what causes knee pain and we have the ability to treat the root cause of the condition.

As we get older and when we damage any joint but especially the knee we loose the fluid that lubricates that joint. With decrease fluid comes decrease ability to bring the nutrients that repair damage tissue. With damaged tissue in the knee the joint becomes dehydrated and the meniscus or padding that is in the middle of the knee becomes brittle and thin over time. This causes arthritis, bone spurs and worst of all, LOTS OF PAIN! The options unfortunately most providers give are either “live with it” or get surgery. Neither of these options sit well with the majority of people and they do not sit well with us!

We have a unique approach of evaluating the knee. A proper diagnosis, specifically in terms of what phase of arthritis you have plays a huge role in determining your options and what is best for you.

You see, arthritis, like cancer has phases of progression. Phase 1 through phase 4 with phase 4 being completely bone on bone and usually the point where surgery is a realistic option.

However, most people with severe knee pain fall between phase 1 and phase 4 arthritis. Phase 1,2 and 3 arthritis are cared for in our office by a variety of treatment options. These procedures and therapies are what create a lubricate for the joint, balance the muscles around the knee and take pressure off the injured tissue. We also educate patients that diet and decreasing inflammation plays a huge role in getting pain under control. We have had success with thousands of patients and would encourage you to hear it in their own words by checking out our patients testimonials. You realize very quickly that we are not your average knee doctor.

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