Whole Body Health Restoration

Whole Body Health Restoration Therapy Questions and Answers

Are you ready to restore your body to its former healthy state in Gilbert, AZ? Come to TRUE Health and speak to one of our professionals today. We provide whole body health restoration and can help you get back on your feet. For more information, please call us or book an appointment online

Whole Body Health Restoration Therapy Near Me in Gilbert, AZ
Whole Body Health Restoration Therapy Near Me in Gilbert, AZ

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What services are offered at TRUE Health Medical?
What care programs does TRUE Health Medical offer?

When discussing health, we need to take the entire body into consideration. This is important for several reasons, mainly the interconnectedness of the internal systems and how they affect one another. At TRUE Health Medical, we realize this, and that is why we offer services in respect to these fundamentals. We also have several different programs, ranging in intensity and necessity, to provide everyone with a solution to their health needs.

What services are offered at TRUE Health Medical?

There are many services offered at TRUE Health Medical, all centered around restoring and improving one’s health.

Nutrition Counseling — Just as the name suggests, this involves nutritional counseling and guidance, to help clients make healthy dietary decisions in relation to their own bodily chemistry.

Acupuncture — An ancient Chinese medicine dating back thousands of years, acupuncture is a treatment for the reduction of pain by the use of ultra-fine needles. These needles are inserted into the body at specific energy epicenters.

Brain Tapping — An amalgamation of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology, brain tapping involves tapping on specific meridian points to induce a deepened state of relaxation and a heightened sense of awareness.

Scraping — Scraping is a popular treatment that involves massaging instruments to break down scar tissue and increase range of motion.

Cupping — Another ancient medicine, cupping has been practiced for millennia, dating back to ancient Greece. Cupping uses negative pressure in small cups that are placed on the body to alleviate symptoms such as back pain, poor appetite, indigestion, high blood pressure and many, many more.

What care programs does TRUE Health Medical offer?

We have created truly remarkable programs to help you attain your highest level of health. Branded under TRUE EXPERIENCE, our programs are designed to help you achieve TRUE Health. We have three different programs, Ultimate, Optimal and Relief.

Ultimate — The Ultimate Program is TRUE Health’s most comprehensive program. It is designed to extensively address multiple bodily systems while simultaneously reducing symptoms like pain and fatigue. This will improve functionality and quality of life to promote healing and prevention of degenerative disease. TRUEULTIMATE addresses and resolves deep and chronic inflammation.

Optimal — The Optimal Program is designed to deliver a series of services that stimulate the body’s capacity to heal, reduce acute and chronic pain, and ultimately improve function and quality of life. TRUEOPTIMAL works to heal and correct osteoarthritis and degenerative diseases in the absence of deep and chronic inflammation.

Relief — The Relief Program is ideal for the individual who wishes to focus on a specific symptom like acute and chronic arthritis or an injury related problem. This program supports the body with an optimal diet and supplementation regimen combined with a series of pain-relieving injections. TRUERELIEF addresses and resolves specific symptoms, like acute and chronic pain, arthritis, or injury-related problems.

If you or someone you know is in need of pain relief and healing, and could benefit from an improvement to their quality of life, then come to TRUE Health Medical today! We offer a wide range of services and programs, so we have something for everyone! If you’re looking to improve your health, don’t hesitate to come to TRUE Health! Contact our office today to get in touch with a specialist. To book an appointment, call us or visit us online! We serve patients from Gilbert AZ, Chandler AZ, Queen Creek AZ, Sun Lakes AZ, Mesa AZ, Sacaton AZ, and Apache Junction AZ.  

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