Platelet-Rich-Plasma Hair Restoration Treatment Questions and Answers

If you are experiencing hair loss and need treatment, come to TRUE Health Medical today! Our professionals can help you get a thicker, fuller head of hair. Read our Q and A page below, or visit one of our two locations in Gilbert, AZ! For more information, please call us or book an appointment online.

Platelet-Rich-Plasma Hair Restoration Near Me in Gilbert, AZ
Hair Restoration Treatment Near Me in Gilbert, AZ

Hair loss is an incredibly prevalent condition, affecting the lives of approximately 1 in 5 Americans. Also known as alopecia, hair loss can refer to either the partial or complete loss of hair where it normally grows, such as the top of the head. Thankfully, advancements in modern medicine allow more patients to reap the benefits of hair restoration, providing more effective treatments with more promising results.

How long does PRP hair restoration last?

The results of PRP hair restoration vary from patient to patient; therefore, each individual treatment will see different results. On average, the results of PRP treatment are most noticeable six months after the initial series of treatments. Although the results are long-lasting, they are not permanent; patients may require touch-up treatments every three to four months or even just once a year, depending on how they respond to treatment. An initial PRP hair restoration treatment typically consists of 3 sessions at 4 to 6 week intervals. The PRP therapy specialist may also recommend using other hair products in conjunction with PRP to get faster and fuller results.

What is the best hair restoration treatment?

The main objective of hair restoration treatment is getting shutdown follicles to regenerate. Which treatment can achieve this most effectively depends on a number of factors, including how many hair follicles are affected, how severely they are affected, and if any pre-existing conditions are present. Hair loss treatments range from oral supplements to topical solutions, and work with varying efficacies. One of the most effective hair loss treatments that has been taking the cosmetic industry by storm is PRP therapy. As it is an autologous treatment, meaning that it uses the patient’s own supply of blood, there are very few risks involved. It is a regenerative treatment, as the platelet-rich plasma releases growth factors that stimulate hair growth.

How can I regain my hair back?

There are many ways to regain lost hair, from dietary changes to hormonal balances. With the long list of hair loss treatments currently available, it is important to consult with a hair loss specialist in order to determine which treatment would work best for your unique situation.

In addition to hair loss treatments, there are many at-home remedies and practices one can implement to help stimulate hair growth. One of the most common ways to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles is by massaging the scalp. If performed daily, this relaxation-inducing technique can help to naturally stimulate hair growth.

How long does hair restoration take to heal?

While some hair restoration procedures require time to heal, when receiving PRP therapy for hair restoration, there is no downtime or recovery period. The injections are painless and should not cause any discomfort. The PRP starts to work right away, and results are usually visible within 2 to 6 months with regular treatment sessions.

If you are concerned about your thinning hair, you are not alone. Hair loss is a common condition and thankfully, there is hope. At TRUE Health Medical, we can help stimulate your hair growth for a fuller, healthier head of hair. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service at each visit and strive to improve the quality of life of every patient. Call us today to book an appointment. We serve patients from Gilbert AZ, Chandler AZ, Queen Creek AZ, Sun Lakes AZ, Mesa AZ, Sacaton AZ, and Apache Junction AZ. Looking forward to serve you!

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