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Dr. Jason Mulder, DC and his team at TRUE Health Medical offers auto accident injury treatment, B-12 injections, corrective chiropractic care, cosmetic enhancements, functional medicine, trigger point injections, medical weight loss programs and much more! We have two convenient locations to serve you. For more information, please call us or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Gilbert AZ, Chandler AZ, Queen Creek AZ, Sun Lakes AZ, Mesa AZ, Sacaton AZ, and Apache Junction AZ.

Integrative medicine is taking the medical sector by storm with their new approaches and more effective healing procedures. Integrative medicine is a combination of many different medical practices all working together, taking into consideration the entirety of a person. Integrative medicine uses the body’s innate healing powers to regenerate body tissues and produce unheard of results when compared to traditional medicine.


Glad I made the appt. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Great job.

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TRUE Health Medical in Gilbert, AZ

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What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine is the integration of all types of medicine, to take into consideration the entire health of the mind, body, and soul. Integrative medicine is an amalgamation of all branches of medicine, working together to heal the body.

Integrative medicine is the medical field of utilizing the body’s own healing mechanisms, to promote healing and longevity. Integrative medicine is used to replace the need of expensive and deteriorating medications, and the many side-effects that come with those medications. It is also used in place of unnecessary surgeries, so you can heal properly without invasive procedures.

These two practices work incredibly well together and are changing the way doctors look at medicine as a whole. It is not used as a topical solution to cover up pain, but to get to the root of the problem so that pain is no longer an issue. Traditional medicine seeks to alleviate symptoms with the use of medications, yet these often only distract from the problem. integrative medicine seeks to physically heal an individual, so there is no need for destructive medications and pernicious surgeries.

What is the difference between functional medicine and integrative medicine?

When it comes to your health, you want to make sure that you’re approaching it at the right angle to ensure that all of your needs are met. As medical technology and knowledge gathering have improved over the years, different forms of medicine that cater to patients’ specific needs and wants have been developed. One of the more popular approaches to improving health involves functional medicine, which focuses on underlying causes of illnesses that are influenced by genetic predispositions and the environment in which one lives. Functional medicine typically utilizes individualized therapies to identify what exactly is causing your problem and implements special testing to assess whether imbalances developed prior to the disease or were the result of treating a chronic illness. The functional medicine approach centers around the idea that one condition can have many causes or conversely, that one cause can have many conditions. For example, you could be suffering from one condition, like depression, that is caused by Vitamin D deficiency, low thyroid and antibiotic use, or you could be experiencing depression, heart disease, arthritis and diabetes that all stem from inflammation.

On the same hand as functional medicine, integrative medicine functions in a similar, albeit different, way as it seeks to evaluate the patient as a whole and not just as a disease. Integrative medicine views the patient as a combination of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs that are interdependent on each other and affect the entire well-being of the person. Since there are so many different parts to address, integrative medicine physicians often use a combination of multiple therapies such as acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic care, behavioral therapy, homeopathy and energy work to provide thorough treatment in all areas.

What are some of the services that TRUE Health offers?

  • Medical clinic — Staffed with nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and doctors of osteopathic medicine
  • Chiropractors and massage therapy — Help to reduce back pain and improve posture
  • Physiotherapy – Helps remobilize patients after an injury
  • Nutritionist — A nutrition expert, helps to plan diet
  • Naturopathic doctors — A doctor who uses natural remedies to help relieve pain
  • Acupuncture — Therapy using ultra-thin needles to penetrate the skin and heal pain
  • Emotional therapies — Neurological feedback, brain mapping and brain tap
  • Vampire Facials/Hair Restoration

If you or someone you know has tried traditional healing practices without much success, or do not want to rely on surgery or medications for relief, then integrative medicine might be the solution you’re looking for! At TRUE Health Medical, we have cutting-edge integrative medicine, to help you heal in ways previously unthought of. Contact our office today to get in touch with a specialist. To book an appointment, call us or visit us online!

Patient Feedback & Reviews

TRUE Health Medical in Gilbert, AZ

When I started at True Health, I had lots of random aches and pains that I couldn’t explain. I started off with just doing injections and could almost immediately tell a difference in how i felt. After a few months I began a program involving nutrition assistance, chiropractic adjustments, and massage therapy. These further improved the way that I was feeling.

Ceci C.

TRUE Health Medical in Gilbert, AZ

Very nice and clean facility. The front desk girl is very sweet, helpful and kind. I met with the PA who was very friendly and was interested in the pain I am having in my shoulder, and how we can work on helping that. Next, We will work on my hip sciatic pain I forgot to tell her about. I am going to like it there.

Susan H.

TRUE Health Medical in Gilbert, AZ

True health medical was something I wanted to try out because my back pain was just crippling me and I was so tired of always being in pain. Not only have they helped me but they have truly surpassed my expectations of how I could live a more pain-free life…

Diane J.

True Health Medical


True Health Medical